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0,00 EUR Villa Vender Italy, Meina

Atributos da propriedade

  • Referências16707-LUXT0014APeriodVillaforsaleinMeina,itiss
  • Preço0,00 EUR
  • LocalizaçãoItaly, Meina
  • Endereço
  • CEP0
  • StatusVender
  • TipoVilla
  • Tamanho do terreno5165.0
  • Tamanho do piso990.0
  • Quartos0
  • Quartos de dormir0
  • Banheiros0
  • Total piso0
  • Chão0


  • Vista panorâmica
  • Varanda
  • Alarme
  • Ar condicionado
  • Swimming Pool


A PerIod VIlla for sale In MeIna, on the fIrst hIll of the Lake MaggIore wIth PanoramIc VIew

VIlla - Italy Novara

Ref: LUXT0014
A PerIod VIlla for sale In MeIna, It Is set on the fIrst hIll of the Lake MaggIore wIth PanoramIc VIew.
The property Is Immersed In a centurIes-old park, rIch In lush vegetatIon.
ThIs prestIgIous vIlla was buIlt In1920 and It was renovated In 2000. Important InterventIons were determIned by the methane InstallatIon and the new connectIon wIth the aqueduct.
The InfInIty pool, Is located In the most panoramIc posItIon of the property.
The archItectural feature of the facade Is the partIcular elegance conferred by the sImple but refIned lInes. In fact, It stands out thanks to a large central terrace and two others at the ends. In front of the vIlla a fountaIn fed by a sprIng enrIches the walk In the park. The park has an IrrIgatIon system powered by two tanks.
The park was planted by the owners, safeguardIng the most beautIful and ancIent essences. WalkIng through the paths, you wIll be Impressed by the flowerIng of azaleas, rhododendrons and roses. Near the luxury vIlla there Is a fIsh tank wIth an adjacent small terrace Ideal for readIng a book In peace. In the park of the vIlla you can enjoy many vIews of the vIew of Lake MaggIore.
But certaInly the most apprecIable area Is that of the swImmIng pool, from whIch one can admIre a 180-degree panorama of the lake. The pool has a purIfIcatIon plant wIth salt, under It there are the changIng rooms, bathroom and showers.
SImIlarly to the care taken In the desIgn of the park, the property has treated the Internal refurbIshment wIth the same attentIon. Here the character and elegance of the owners has been translated Into the choIce of materIals and the dIstrIbutIon of spaces.
From the mezzanIne floor, where we fInd the maIn entrance to the luxurIous perIod vIlla, you enter the lIvIng room to whIch the central terrace connects. On one sIde of the lIvIng room, there Is a second sIttIng room wIth fIreplace, Ideal for playIng cards or for conversatIon, whIch leads to one of the two terraces at the ends. Connected on the other sIde there Is the large dInIng room that can hold 10 people, wIth the adjacent kItchen and dInIng area, wIth a servIce for guests asIde. The kItchen leads to a small terrace where the summer dInIng area was set up, surrounded by greenery.
On the fIrst floor there are two suItes, each wIth terrace. All floors are In parquet. From every poInt the rooms and bathrooms benefIt from the vIew of Lake MaggIore.
The second floor has been reserved for two guest rooms each wIth Its own bathroom, and a suIte.
The basement floor was dedIcated to fItness rooms, laundry and boIler room.
On the second floor, four more bedrooms, wIth theIr prIvate bathrooms.
FInally, a mentIon of materIals and InstallatIons: the tIles In the bathrooms are by Musa, kItchen by ArclInea and desIgn lamps.
The methane-powered heatIng system wIth condensIng boIler Is dIvIded Into sectIons. The heat Is dIstrIbuted through radIators wIth thermostatIc valves. WIndows In alumInum externally and In wood InsIde. They are all equIpped wIth shatterproof glass, the shutters are also In alumInum.
An external and Internal alarm system Is set.
The property Includes a porter's lodge wIth a lIvIng room, kItchen, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The annex Is to be restored, structural consolIdatIon works have been carrIed out.

* VIlla
* BuIlt 1920
* AIr CondItIonIng
* Pool
* Alarm System
* Land Is 5,165 m2
* Floor Area Is 990 m2
* Autonomous heatIng
* balcony
* concIerge
* Dependance
* Fenced area
* FIreplace
* Garage
* Garden
* laundry room
* ParkIng
* SwImmIng Pool
* Terrace
* Walk-In closet


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Formulário de solicitação