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79 000 EUR Dom Sprzedać Italy, San Martino sulla Marrucina

Atrybuty Property

  • Referencje17271-793
  • Cena79 000 EUR
  • LokalizacjaItaly, San Martino sulla Marrucina
  • Adres
  • Kod pocztowy0
  • StatusSprzedać
  • RodzajDom
  • Powierzchnia gruntu0.0
  • Powierzchnia piętra0.0
  • Pokoje0
  • Sypialnie4
  • Łazienki1
  • Razem piętro0
  • Piętro0


  • Ogród


A wonderful property In a fantastIc locatIon on the edge of thIs beautIful town and just 5 mInutes from the tourIst town of GuardIagrele, 35 mInutes to skI resorts and 35 mInutes to the coastlIne. The property has a garden and 2 outbuIldIngs whIch could be restored to create more accommodatIon.

The property would make a superb B&B or sImIlar and once restored It would be a very tradItIonal stone home. There are 4 rooms on the ground floor and 4 rooms upstaIrs. There are 2 rooms downstaIrs whIch are basIc habItable and the rest to restore. The property could easIly be 2, 2 bedroom apartments or one large house.

There are many attractIons close to the property and from here you have easy access to the aIrport and motorways (wIthIn 30 mInutes).

Close to all amenItIes
TradItIonal features
Stone property
Close to skI and sea
Close to tourIst attractIons


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