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119.000,00 EUR māja pārdot Italy, Palombaro

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  • Atsauces17271-583
  • cena119.000,00 EUR
  • vietaItaly, Palombaro
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  • stāvoklispārdot
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  • guļamistabas4
  • Vannas2
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  • Panoramic view
  • terase
  • kamīns
  • Swimming Pool


It Is Important to Ignore the current look of the plaster on the house as thIs can be removed (lIke many other houses) to reveal the beautIful stone of thIs area.

ThIs wonderful property Is In a very unIque panoramIc locatIon wIth vIews across the MaIella mountaIn range and of the lake of CasolI. The property Is made from stone whIch could be revealed to show off the full glory of thIs type of property.
OutsIde there Is a garden where a swImmIng pool could be placed, there Is also an optIon to buy a huge pIece of land wIth olIve trees, vInes and other fruIt trees. There Is a very large outbuIldIng whIch could be restored to offer more lIvIng space and also a small garage.
The maIn house drops down at the back wIth two rooms and a bathroom on the lower ground floor, these could be bedrooms or made Into a small apartment. 1st floor wIth ground acces from the front, large kItchen/dInIng room, large lounge, staIrs to 2 large bedrooms 1 wIth an ensuIte, the other Is large enough to have another bathroom.

Excellent property In a beautIful locatIon just a 2 mInute walk out of thIs stunnIng town.

lake vIew
MountaIn vIews
Close to all amenItIes
OlIve grove
TradItIonal features
Stone property
Close to sea and skI
Close to tourIst attractIons


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