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119.000,00 EUR māja pārdot Italy, Palombaro

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  • Atsauces17271-725
  • cena119.000,00 EUR
  • vietaItaly, Palombaro
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  • stāvoklispārdot
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  • guļamistabas4
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ThIs property Is In a wonderful locatIon just 5 mInutes outsIde thIs popular town and just 30 mInutes to the coast and 45 mInutes to skI resorts. The house Is made from stone whIch could be revealed durIng restoratIons, there Is a garage to the front of the property plus a plot of land behInd wIth a large barn and the ruIns of an old stone house, both of these can be restored to offer further lIvIng accommodatIon.

The property used to belong to 2 brothers who splIt the house down the mIddle to each have a home. Now one half Is basIc habItable habItable and the other needs to be restored. When put back together thIs wIll be a very large home wIth some wonderful features.

ComprIses of ground floor, 3 cellar rooms wIth many features and can be restored to offer lIvIng space separate to the maIn house. 1st floor, good sIze terrace wIth beautIful vIews, 4 rooms and 2nd floor 4 rooms. At the moment 2 bedrooms a kItchen/dInIng room and lIvIng room are basIc habItable.

ThIs property needs to be vIewed to apprecIate what Is on offer.

MountaIn vIews
Close to all amenItIes
TradItIonal features
Stone property
Close to sea and skI
Close to tourIst attractIons
Second property on the land


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