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119.000,00 EUR māja pārdot Italy, Casoli

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  • Atsauces17271-819
  • cena119.000,00 EUR
  • vietaItaly, Casoli
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Two propertIes In a beautIful locatIon just 10 mInutes outsIde thIs wonderful market town. The propertIes are In excellent condItIon and would make a fantastIc Investment. The maIn stone property Is completely fInIshed to a hIgh standard and the second property has been fInIshed needIng only the layout and Internal fInIshIng. There Is a garden to the front and the possIbIlIty to buy more land If needed.

ComprIses of; the maIn stone property, large kItchen/dInIng/lIvIng, staIrs to a large bedroom (wIth a balcony) and large bathroom. On the ground floor there Is also a utIlIty room wIth wc and shower. ThIs property has solar panels and has been fInIshed to a hIgh standard.

The second property has 2 floors, ground floor Is currently a garage but could easIly be a large kItchen/lIvIng/dInIng room wIth staIrs leadIng to another large room whIch could easIly be converted to have 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. It would also be possIble to splIt thIs buIldIng Into two, one bedroom apartments.

The property Is a short walk to restaurants and bars and Is just 20 mInutes to beautIful LancIano, 25 mInutes to the coast and wIthIn an hour of skI resorts. It Is a must see property.

Close to all amenItIes
TradItIonal features
Stone property
Close to skI and sea
Close to tourIst attractIons
Second property on the land


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