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1.098.992,49 EUR House Selja Colombia, Marbella

Eign Eigindir

  • TilvísanirLTAS-T438451
  • Verð1.098.992,49 EUR
  • StaðsetningColombia, Marbella
  • Heimilisfang
  • Hluti af borginniEkki tilgreint
  • StaðaSelja
  • GerðHouse
  • Floor stærð0.0
  • Herbergi0



This villa is situated right next to the natural park of Cabopino and a walk through the dunes away from one of the most beautiful beaches of Marbella East.The very private plot of 2018 m2 provides a spectacular mature garden. It?s an extremely idyllic property on one of the most beautiful plots in the area. The villa was built in 1955 but is very well maintained. As it is it provides 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and can be modernised at relatively low costs. If one would want to the property could be extended considerably.


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