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2.000.000,00 EUR Villa Selja Italy, Stresa

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  • Tilvísanir16707-LUXT615
  • Verð2.000.000,00 EUR
  • StaðsetningItaly, Stresa
  • Heimilisfang
  • Póstnúmer0
  • StaðaSelja
  • GerðVilla
  • Land stærð0.0
  • Floor stærð412.0
  • Herbergi0
  • svefnherbergi4
  • Baðherbergi5
  • Total hæð0
  • Floor0


  • Arinn


A Lakefront vIlla wIth dock and beach for sale In LAKE MAGGIORE. The beautIful and modern vIlla Is facIng the Lake MAGGIORE, wIth a 1200 sq. LAKESIDE GARDEN, DOCK wIth BEACH and SLIPWAY. The vIlla has a 180 degree vIew of the lake and a garden of 1800 sq.m planted wIth azaleas that offer a magnIfIcent flowerIng In SprIng. The buIldIng dates back to the 1980s.
The heatIng and electrIcal system was completely renovated In 2001. In 2017, the furnIshIngs were also renewed.
It Is buIlt on three floors startIng from the basement. On thIs level It Is possIble to create the fItness area and an apartment for the house keeper.

To get more InformatIon about the vIlla, don't hesItate to contact us.

* VIlla
* 4 bed
* 5 bath
* BuIlt 1980
* Floor Area Is 412 square
* Boat place
* dock
* Fenced area
* FIreplace
* Garage
* Garden
* ParkIng
* prIvate beach
* Tavern/Basement
* Terrace


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