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  • संदर्भHS1166233
  • मूल्य47,524.00 EUR
  • स्थानBulgaria
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  • गरम करना{:"Forced Air"=>"दबावयुक्त वायु", :Geothermal=>"भूतापीय", :Baseboard=>"बेसबोर्ड", :"Fan Coil"=>"पंखे की तार", :Gravity=>"गुरुत्वाकर्षण", :"In Floor Heat System"=>"फ्लोर हीट सिस्टम में", :"Hot Water"=>"गर्म पानी", :"Heat Pump"=>"गर्मी पंप", :"Space Heater"=>"स्पेस हीटर", :Steam=>"भाप", :Gas=>"गैस", :Central=>"केंद्रीय", :Wood=>"लकड़ी", :Other=>"अन्य", :Oil=>"तेल", :Solar=>"सौर", :Coal=>"कोयला", :Electric=>"इलेक्ट्रिक"}


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Cozy 2 bedroom house with indoor bathroom in the centre of a well served village 10 km from sandy beaches, in closest proximity to the hospitable town of Balchik with the biggest Botanic Garden in Bulgaria and 3 golf courses, 14 km from Kavarna, 57 km from the international airport of Varna. The village is big with all basic amenities and regular bus service to Balchik. The charm of the area has already been acknowledged by plenty of British families who have bought a lot of properties in the village over the last few years. The house is one-storeyed, 75 sq.m. in area and comprises: entrance hall, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, indoor bathroom with WC. The property is habitable, in good condition, though it requires some cosmetic repair. The buyer of the property becomes owner of 1000 sq.m. plot. All essencial services such as water and electricity are connected to the property.
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