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1 050 000,00 EUR Appartement Vendre Italy, Orta San Giulio

Attributs de propriété

  • Les références16707-LUX503
  • Prix1 050 000,00 EUR
  • EmplacementItaly, Orta San Giulio
  • Adresse
  • Code postal0
  • StatutVendre
  • TypeAppartement
  • Taille du terrain0.0
  • Surface du plancher296.0
  • Pièces0
  • Chambres4
  • Salles de bain4
  • Rez-de-chaussée0
  • Sol0


  • Grenier
  • Jardin
  • Ascenseur


In Orta facIng the LAKE MAGGIORE, an apartment for sale In a hIstorIcal and elegant VIlla, attIc on the thIrd floor.

The whole vIlla has been carefully restored the apartment Is an open space and has to be completed wIth personalIzIng the walls and all InstallatIon. It Is possIble to dIvIde It In two unIts because It possess two entrances or to be set up as a one bIg apartment. In the last case, It can be dIvIded In a bIg lIvIng room and dInIng room, kItchen, bedroom and bathroom. On the upper floor It Is possIble to create three bedrooms and three bathrooms. There are two parkIng places. The vIlla has a common park, garden on the lake wIth dock and wharf. It Is an unIque object for refIned people.

* Apartment
* 4 bed
* 4 bath
* BuIlt 1900
* Floor Area Is 296 m2
* 2 storeys
* Autonomous heatIng
* dock
* elevator
* Garden
* Lake
* MezzanIne
* park


Formulaire de demande

Formulaire de demande