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At New Nordic group, we offer a unique investment opportunity for our investors to invest their money in licensed Holiday Resorts, in the most exciting and fastest emerging economies in the world. We currently have 55 completed and operating resorts. As well, we have new resorts coming up in the fastest growing holiday regions in Thailand, Bali Indonesia, the Philippines, Cambodia and other beautiful and growing regions of Asia. Soon we are due to launch our hospitality brand in the fastest growing economical & tourism regions of Africa & South America

The Nordic Group stands for…

  1. Stewardship
  2. The Best People
  3. Client Value Creation
  4. One Global Family
  5. Respect for the Individual
  6. Respect for the Environment
  7. Value Integrity
  8. We are One Family

Our investment product

At the New Nordic Group…

  • We select the most beautiful & the fastest growing holiday destinations in the world.
  • We build and manage quality holiday resorts in strategic locations within our destinations.
  • We offer a percentage of our accommodation to individual investors in either Freehold or leasehold.
  • We then lease them back from our investors, maintain & manage them within our licensed resorts for the term of the investment.
  • Thus offering a guaranteed return of 9% per annum for periods of 3 to 20 years.
  • If the investor’s chosen resort is under construction we offer a 10% p.a net for the length of the construction period. And we offer a buyback guarantee, of up to 140% of the original price at the end of the investment term.
  • In essence, we offer a hassle free turn key investment, giving a high rental return to our short term & long term investors.

When investing in holiday resorts, investors buy a slice in 2 of the fastest growing industries in the world, the real estate & the tourism industries.




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